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Alone - a Visual Poem | Video Production Diary | 9 Seconds Production

In this visual poem, we take a closer look at being alone

Everyone goes through rough patches in life where things just don't seem to go their way. Everyone feels disconnected from themselves sometimes and that's okay. It doesn't mean they're broken or defective in some way; it just means they're human.


这段曲折的回忆从偷偷在private property拍 结果被赶开始

到发现70多个shot 在没有一个很凶的副导演的情况下

根本不可能一天拍完 最后索性freestyle作为结束

拍到十二点 真的是为数不多让人印象深刻的制作之一

We set out to make a dance film guided by voiceover

In the end we found ourselves making an art film.

忘记谁讲过 艺术是一种概念

影片要带出来的意思 与其做多一点解释 不如各位自己体会

Only when his personal viewpoint is brought in, when he becomes a kind of philosopher, does he emerge as an artist, and cinema—as an art

强烈的视觉风格 这部影片多少带点创作冲动和年少轻狂

是我们的第一次合作 也是四面八方成团前的第一部作品

我还可以继续 可是我们还是省点时间


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