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The Clay House 安陶居 | Video Production Diary | 陶归自然

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


"The Art of Pottery: A Journey Worth Documenting - 9 Seconds Production"




"Pottery, derived from nature and integrated into daily life, can be both a work of art and a practical household item. For Mr.梁志雄 of 安陶居, pottery is not just a cultural and artistic form, but also a source of philosophical insights into life. One frame, one picture, one person, one culture, one philosophy of nature.


"Each work is a journey worth documenting. In this spirit of not being afraid and not being overwhelmed by uncertainty, we set out to create a unique and niche film in November 2020.

We purchased a one-way ticket to filming documentary, not initially intending to focus on pottery. Eliz, Zhiyu, and myself spent a lot of time in the early stages, even going on a night tour of the coast, and seeking out interviewees, one of whom ultimately disappeared due to the sensitivity of the subject matter (?).

"With tighter SOPs, Eliz was taken away, and we changed direction towards pottery. Jia-xuan also came to Malacca specifically to help us find 洁慈 and film tai chi by the coast.

"As for why tai chi and pottery were linked, it might be because JC brought to mind tai chi and entertainment. He thought we were making an artsy film, but ended up with a martial arts film instead.

"The first day of filming was full of difficulties: rain in the morning, sun in the trash.

We pushed a cart in the desert and saw the decline of the tai chi master (remember to watch the end credits). We filmed in the rain in the forest and had to end the shoot early.

The art of pottery is a multifaceted and enriching experience. From its natural roots to its practical applications, pottery has the power to bring beauty and meaning to our lives. Mr. Liang Zhi-xiong of An-Tao Pottery embodies this philosophy, and his passion for pottery has inspired us on this journey of discovery.

We hope that this film will inspire others to appreciate the art of pottery and its place in our world. - 9 Seconds Production"

Dir/DoP: Tan Qi Yuan

AD's: 许紫瑜 珈瑄

PA's: 楊敦彦 戴汶汉

Sound: 珈瑄

Narr: 洁慈

Cw: 许紫瑜

Edit: Qi Yuan, 许紫瑜

Post. Sound, Color: Qi Yuan

In collaboration with JCGrace

A 9 Seconds Production

The Clay House 安陶居

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