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Video Production Diary | 《夜晚拥抱海浪说晚安》 | 9 Seconds Production

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

云端挂满了星子 树梢结满了果子

海面描出月色的影子 我悄悄拿起画笔

画下今晚 浪花的弧度

We have all heard too many stories of successful people and their successes. This time, we wanted to properly document the story of a small-time person

Weathering the storms and challenges together, and appreciating the small regrets and joys that make up life. It is with this foolish determination that we slowly pieced together this film.

"During the MCO, we were unable to go out and see the sea, so we ran all over the coast of Malacca. We are very grateful to Jenny for her cooperation and willingness to be taken away by us (jokingly).

It was a truly adrenaline-fueled journey, unlike any of our wild experiences at age 18. There are too many interesting stories from the filming process to share them all. These memories are etched in every frame and every second of the film.

We would like to thank Mango How, who almost didn't make it home because of the shoot, for his help from the pre-production meeting to the recording and filming.

We also greatly appreciate Li Wei-xuan, who came all the way from Muar to stay up with us until the wee hours of the morning for this project.

Finally, we want to thank the three invisible figures behind the scenes:

the extremely talented and artsy voiceover and post scriptwriter, Mei-jun;

the professional subtitle proofreader, Sim Ler;

and our friend Xue Lee

Without any of them, the film would not have been possible. 9 Seconds Production thanks everyone for their help and support.


Dir/DP.: Qi Yuan

AD's:Jun Feng

PA's: Xue Lee Wei Xuan

CW: Mei Jun

Sound/Sub: You Yi

VO Coordination: Wei Xuan Jun Feng

Post. Sound/Color/Edit: Qi Yuan

BTS: Jun Feng

In collaboration with Jenny Wee Miaw Ler

A 9 Seconds Production

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